Bathroom Vanaties

Bathroom Vanaties

Bathroom vanaties are furniture pieces that combine a sink and storage into one unit. Available in an endless number of styles and finishes, vanities contribute to the function and aesthetics of any bathroom. Whether your bathroom is small or large, you can update the vanity with an updated design. A freestanding cabinet provides extra storage and will add value to your home. Choosing the right style can help you create a luxurious space that’s practical and attractive.

There are many options for bathroom vanaties, from pedestal sinks to tall cabinets. If you have limited space, consider narrow vanities like Darla DeMorrow’s 15-inch-wide vanity. Vanity sizes vary according to style and decorator. Some designers opt for countertop lengths that extend from wall to wall. A vanity is a great place for storing cosmetics and accessories. The design of your vanity will affect the overall look of your bathroom.

Vanity heights and sizes vary. Those with small bathrooms may choose a pedestal sink, while large bathrooms may want a taller, wider vanity. A vanity’s depth and width should also be considered. A pedestal sink is suitable for a small bathroom with little traffic. A pedestal sink is fine for a small bathroom, but a double sink vanity needs to be at least 60 inches wide. Choosing the right height for your bathroom will help you choose the right style for the space you have.

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