Bathroom Vanaties

Bathroom Vanaties

If your bathroom is small and you don’t want a bulky vanity, there are plenty of narrow ones on the market. Designers like Darla DeMorrow often use a 15-inch-wide vanity in her bathrooms because it still provides ample storage. The length of the countertop also varies, depending on the decorator. Some prefer a countertop that extends from the wall to the ceiling while others prefer one that’s just the right length.

You can find bathroom vanaties in many different styles and materials. Freestanding vanities are best for smaller bathrooms, but built-in vanities are a better choice for larger bathrooms. These tend to have more space for countertop and storage. There are several types of sinks, including undermount and drop-in. Undermount sinks sit directly underneath the countertop, while drop-ins have a base that sits under the counter. Choosing a sink style will depend on the size of your bathroom, as some vanaties are more expensive than others.

The height of the vanity should be taken into account. Standard bathroom vanaties are 30 to 36 inches high. If you have children, choose a vanity with a lower height. If you’d like to use a vessel sink, go for a low-profile vanity. For those with limited space, choose a vanity that has a lower height. While wood is naturally resistant to warping, the ADA requires that the vanity be 34 inches or higher.

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