Bathroom Vanaties

Bathroom Vanaties

A bathroom vanity is a type of furniture that combines a sink, countertop, and mirror. Today’s models can include built-in shelving and lights. A vanity is an essential part of a bathroom. Before indoor plumbing was available, people would keep their vanity tables inside their beds. These would allow them to wash their hands and faces easily at night. But today, there are countless designs to choose from.

Vanities can be made from many materials, including wood. Wooden vanaties can be a beautiful choice and provide a natural feel to the bathroom. However, wood is more expensive than other materials, so be sure to choose a wood vanity with a protective coating. Also, choose a vanity made of MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) for a less expensive option. MDF is covered with a durable laminate, which makes it water-resistant and easy to clean.

Vanity tables were traditionally placed in the bedroom. However, most vanities are now housed in separate bathrooms. Some interior designers have begun to place freestanding tubs in bedrooms, often without a dividing wall. This trend harkens back to pre-plumber days but adds a modern twist to the bathroom’s design. Whether you want to go traditional or contemporary, there is a vanity that will suit your needs.

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