Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom Vanities

One of the most important parts of a bathroom is the bathroom vanity. This piece of furniture combines a sink and storage space, and they come in a vast array of finishes and styles. Vanities not only add functionality to the room, but also serve as a visual anchor. An updated vanity can elevate a room. Adding a freestanding cabinet with drawers will provide much-needed storage space and add value to your home.

A bathroom vanity has two major dimensions: its depth and its width. Single sink vanaties are typically twenty-one inches deep, and their countertops extend one to one and a half inches in front of them. Double-sink vanaties are typically forty-eight to sixty-four inches wide. A vanity with multiple sinks can range anywhere from 76 to 80 inches wide. For smaller bathrooms, a single-sink vanity may be as small as 24 inches wide.

A bathroom vanity is not limited to a single sink. Most double-sink vanaties have four or more sinks. The width varies from thirty to forty-eight inches, while a single-sink vanity can be as small as twenty-four inches. The length of a double-sink vanity depends on the number of sinks and the style. Usually, a double-sink vanity is sixty to seventy-two inches wide.

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