Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom Vanities

Vanities are common fixtures in the bathroom. They are often made of stone or wood, and come in many shapes and sizes. While a bathroom vanity is more than just a cabinet that holds a sink, it is a functional area where you can wash your hands, apply makeup, brush your teeth, and store items from your daily routine. Whether you want to make it a focal point of the room, or simply hide it in the background, there is a vanity that will be useful and fashionable.

Traditional vanity tables were placed in the bedroom, but nowadays, most vanities are found in separate bathrooms. Increasingly, some interior designers are placing free-standing bathtubs in the bedroom, usually without a dividing wall. The idea behind this design is to take the look of an old-fashioned bedroom and incorporate it with a modern flair. Whether you want a classic design or an ultra-modern look, there is a bathroom vanity to suit your needs.

While pedestal sinks are perfect for small bathrooms, more crowded bathrooms may benefit from a larger bathroom vanity with drawers or a cabinet area. It is also important to choose a vanity that can be locked for safety purposes if you have kids or pets. Your final cost will depend on the design of the bathroom vanity, as well as the type of top it’s made of. The more ornately designed bathroom vanities will most likely be the most expensive.

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