Choosing Bathroom Vanities

Choosing Bathroom Vanities

When choosing a new bathroom vanity, it is essential to find a design that fits the size and shape of the room. While most vanities include a sink, countertop, and faucet, some vanities don’t have cabinets and are simply a sink on a stand. A contemporary bathroom may benefit from a floating double vanity. Moreover, a corner vanity can save space and be installed with a single mirror.

Another type of bathroom vanity is a freestanding model. Freestanding vanaties are freestanding furniture and are not attached to a wall or floor. They are often equipped with drawers and cabinet door storage. They are ideal for kids’ bathrooms and en suite makeovers, and they are less expensive than other types of bathroom vanaties. The disadvantage of these vanities is that they aren’t as sturdy as other types of vanity materials.

A bathroom vanity should have a top that extends at least a foot above the floor. This is because a bathroom vanity with a pedestal sink is often more attractive than one without a pedestal. A bathroom vanity with a pedestal sink is also considered a vanity. The latter is a cheaper option but may feel cheap in larger spaces. There are also different sizes and styles for bathroom vanaties. A good choice is to choose a vanity that suits your needs.

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