Things to Consider When Choosing Bathroom Vanities

Things to Consider When Choosing Bathroom Vanities

The simplest form of a bathroom vanity is a small cabinet or table that stands on top of a sink. It can also come with a mirror and/or medicine cabinet above it. Modern variations of vanities may be more like a sink on a stand. Other styles may consist of only a sink and the top, and are ideal for smaller bathrooms. Here are some things to consider when choosing a vanity.

Pedestal sinks can be fine for bathrooms with low traffic. Vanity tops are available in a variety of styles, from simple to modern. You can find vanity sinks with pedestals, tall cabinets, and rollout drawers, as well as those with additional storage and features. Some vanities even come with a built-in hamper or charging station for cell phones. Some of these vanities also include a pullout step stool and a seat for applying makeup.

Vanities come in a variety of styles and finishes. You can choose a vanity with a pedestal sink or a more modern option. Pedestal sinks are fine for a small bathroom, but a tall vanity may feel dated in a larger space. The most important aspect of a bathroom vanity is that it should fit into the room it is in. If the space is small, choose a freestanding vanity, as they will make the room appear more spacious. Adding a freestanding cabinet will add much-needed storage and appeal to the overall design of the bathroom.

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